GRIDD Resources & Publications 

What exactly is GRIDD? How does it all fit together to give us a credible and believable voice for our Members and their dermatology patients? Get the answers to these questions by exploring the following GRIDD resources:

Why GRIDD Matters

Learn Why GRIDD Matters Through A Patient Testimonial By Bill McCue, Patient Leader.

Latest GRIDD Webinar

Changing the Way the World Sees Dermatology Through the GRIDD Project

What Is The GRIDD Project?

Learn about the GRIDD Project in this short 3 minute introductory video. 

Patient Pictograph

A graphic showing the potential benefits GRIDD will produce for dermatology patients (and their caregivers).


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Phases & Outcomes Infographic

A graphic showing the GRIDD timeline, objectives, outcomes and benefits.


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GRIDD Posters & Abstracts

Abstracts and posters accepted at past conferences and events.

UKSBM | 28-29 March 2022

Abstract - UKSBM 2023 PRIDD development and validation

PowerPoint - Patient-centered development and validation of the Patient-Reported Impact of Dermatological Diseases (PRIDD) measure (UKSBM 2023)